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Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge


Here is my review on Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge, which I just finished last night and fell into a huge book-hangover.

As I see it, it is a modern retelling of Beauty and the Beast with a little more fantasy and a little more action than the original story and it is much darker. This story has quiet a lot of connections with the past, present and the future and there are also many connections to the ancient Greek gods (mythology) which I personally really enjoy reading about.

Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge is about a girl named Nyx, who have been trained all her life to become the demon prince, the Gentle Lord’s wife and destroy his castle and save their city from his demons and free the city from the parchment dome that is covering it. Nyx’s father had made a bargain with the Gentle Lord, which was to get twin daughters and give one of them to the Gentle Lord as his wife when she becomes of age and keep the other. But what their father did not know was that the bargain would also cost his own wife’s death while giving birth. Now Nyx’s plan is to find the four main elements (earth, air, fire and water) which are giving life to the Gentle Lord’s castle and destroy them with the right sigils and the castle would collapse along with the Gentle Lord and the parchment dome over the city would disappear. But will it go the way it was planned to when she falls in love with the Gentle Lord?

The book starts from the morning of her wedding day and she gets married to a statue which represents the Gentle Lord and afterwards gets dropped off outside the Gentle Lord’s castle and the journey takes off from there. It was really enjoyable, entertaining and fun to read because Nyx was not the kind of helpless, precious little lady like in most princess and prince fairytales. Nyx was strong and funny in a very entertaining way and she could fight for what she wanted.

I love this story and the world is just beautiful, so I decided to give it 5 out of 5 stars.




// Dulguun